Special 3D label, made on the basis of Plexiglass. Even more superior appearance, even better resistance, strong grip and excellent UV and mechanical resistance. Suitable for multi-year indoor and outdoor use.
3D nalepke Ged line3D nalepke Ged line
3D label on aluminum strip. Even more special, even more resilient. A great choice for decorating furniture and other elements. Aluminum plates, cut to desired dimensions, can be printed with sublimation printing or covered with foil before doming.


Even more special

Based on two years of development, we have designed special Ged line 3D labels made on:

  • aluminum plates,
  • polycarbonate plates,
  • plexiglass.

Ged line 3D labels are produced by pouring polyurethane resin on pre-prepared material of various thicknesses and shapes. Such labels have greater added value, are more stable and suitable for multi-year indoor and outdoor use.

More than 15

years of experience

More than 100000

3D domed labels annually

3D nalepke Ged design 3D labels

0.5 mm thick aluminum plates can be printed with special digital technique or lined with film prior to doming.

Polycarbonate sheets or plexiglas of different thicknesses are cut with a laser to achieve the desired shape. The sheets can be lined with film before doming.

A layer of adhesive is applied to the back of the material, which provides a very strong adhesion to the substrate.

Decorative plexiglass 3D labels, made on laser-cut and UV-printed or film-coated plexiglass.

  • Different colors and thicknesses of plexiglass,
  • shape of the label as desired,
  • superb appearance.
Ged design 3D nalepke

3D logos made by laminating high quality self-adhesive film and / or UV printing onto polycarbonate or plexiglass sheets.

  • Great on products,
  • recommended for road and water vehicles,
  • useful as a wall decoration.
3D nalepke Ged design 3D labels

Ged line 3D labels made with sublimation printing on 0.5 mm thick aluminum sheets.

  • Excellent durability and resistance to scratches, shocks and cleaning,
  • excellent UV protection and resistance to high and low temperatures,
  • outstanding appearance.
Ged design 3D nalepke

Ged line 3D labels made by laminating high-quality self-adhesive film or sublimation printing onto 0.5 mm thick aluminum sheets.

  • Perferct choice for furniture decoration,
  • dimensions to your liking.
Ged design 3D labels
3D nalepke Ged line